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Taylored Beauty Workshops


After working with over 50 bridal parties in the last 3 years, I have learned that not only do I love applying makeup – I love the education component as well! Teaching seems to come naturally to me. I love to share product knowledge and demonstrate step by step instructions on how to achieve the right look for your own personal needs.


 Are you new to makeup? Or just want to try a new look but don’t know where to start? I am now offering in-home services to learn the basics and not so basics about makeup!


In this 3 hour workshop, I talk about which products are must-haves and which are gimmicks. I provide product recommendations at all price points and I discuss tips and tricks to create a 5-minute face in the morning before work!


 I will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to create the look for yourself. During the workshop, I apply a complete application on one guest and show the group how to apply proper techniques.


We discuss how to bring your daytime look to an evening look with minimal fuss. Everyone leaves with a mini application of their choice. Do you want to learn how to wear/apply a statement lip – or learn how to perfect that popular smokey eye? It’s all up to you! Who doesn’t want to learn all of this in the comfort of their own home, decked in yoga pants, with a drink of choice in hand? I arrive equipped with my beloved makeup kit, my makeup chair, and professional lighting.



I can customize your workshop to suit your needs. Currently, I offer:

- Makeup Bag Overhaul

- Makeup 101

- Stagette or Girls Night Out workshop (evening look)

- Mature Skin Education

- Mother/ Daughter Sessions

- Teenage Makeup Education

- Fully Customized session determined by you!



Pricing determined by the number of attendants, please inquire for more information

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